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The shading is very good on this and you get a good idea of the light from this picture. The expression is also very enjoyable and the ...

Setsuko's belly expansion by Marrazan

This is a very well done piece of animation. The way you make her stomach grow over short intervals gives the viewer a much better appr...

Jessica the naga by reaper6633

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Rune Knight Caden by CadenGallic
Rune Knight Caden
This is a version of Caden made for a more medieval setting. In this setting, his ears and tail are a result of his Father seducing a fox goddess into a night of passion, which he was the product of. He's a Runecaster by trade, having learned the art from his missing Father and crafted his runes from animal bones. He has the symbols committed to memory so he doesn't keep a record. His armor is dragon bone which Caden only managed to get through a favor his Father was owed by a local ruler. He carries all his runes in a small bag tied to his belt, along with his dagger which he rarely makes use of, only in dire emergencies.

This Caden is a traveler by nature, a man seeking adventure and trying to get the most out of his life. He also seeks knowledge on his missing Father and further rune studying to perhaps increase his skill in it. In general he has a great curiosity for the world around him and wishes to see things no-one else has seen. He is generally a very upbeat lad while travelling and enjoys conversation and meeting people, but he can tend to dip into a more cynical nature if his day has been bad or he's experiencing hard times. 

Caden's runes are charged with magic and each can only be used once before they need time to recharge, usually the recharge takes about an hour to do so. Caden's rune pool is finite and he keeps one of each rune he can craft. While it does leave him with a limited arsenal, he is prepared for almost anything. Each rune must be spoken by name in order to be cast. His armor is also enchanted with the same magic as his runes and he can call upon sections of his armor to use their magic. His armour's magic lasts much longer than his runes do but take two hours to recharge and leaves him even furtherly vulnerable. 


Raido: A rune that grants the magic of telepathy. Held in hand it grants Caden the ability to read a directed target's mind. He may either point it at a single target to gain strong thoughts or use it in an area form to detect thoughts around him. 
Isa: A rune that becomes a spear of ice when thrown or a general ice spell to freeze a target.
Hagalaz: Summons up a hailstorm to rain down upon his enemies. The hail itself can cause small freezing in some targets and damage otherwise. This rune must be thrown up into the sky to be cast. 
Laguz: Summons up a strong wave of water to rush his enemies. This rune must be held in hand to activate. 
Ehwaz: Gives Caden access to brief telekinesis, the rune must be thrown to be cast and acts as a link between Caden's hand and the object or person he manipulates with the spell. 
Berkana: Creates either a spike or pillar of earth to where it is thrown.
Kano: Creates a burning blaze of fire around the rune when thrown. 
Wunjo: Summons a ball of light to illuminate the surrounding area. The rune must be tossed into the air to be cast and lingers around the user until the spell fizzles out. 
Sowelu: Can either heal the caster by being held in hand or thrown at an ally to give them a dose of healing. Works only on physical injuries and effects can be limited for mortal wounds. 
Perth: When held, shrouds the user in a spell to make them appear invisible. It can also be thrown to others to cloak them and it lasts for about a minute. 
Nauthiz: When thrown at a target, the rune creates chains of binding energy to wrap around and incapacitate a target. If held it can also lash out chains, which is less effective but binds the target to Caden. 
Eihwaz: Generates a magical shield around the user. Must be held to be cast and can be worn down and broken. 
Dagaz: A spell specifically made to destroy shields. This applies to both physical and magical shields and must be thrown to be cast. 
Ansuz: Creates illusionary duplicates of Caden in order to confuse and disorient a target, usually followed by a physical strike or a second spell. Must be held to be cast. 
Thurisaz: Creates a bolt of lightning to strike a foe. Can either be held to shoot lightning from the palm or thrown into the air for an aerial lightning bolt. 
Teiwaz: Can either create a strong gust of wind from the hand or can be held to create a tornado around the user's body. 
Othila: When held, the user must think of a location and they will be teleported there immediately. The range is limited but the speed is fast. 
Jera: When held, it can draw in energy from nearby people and object. This rune essentially allows Caden to quickly recharge all his other runes or supercharge them to boost their effects, but it cannot re power itself. 
Sowelu: Grants a healing effect upon the target. Caden can either hold the rune to recover from wounds or fatigue or throw it to someone else to heal them. The magic is limited in that it cannot heal mortal wounds. 

Armour: The various pieces of his armor correspond to these rune symbols. 

Helmet: Raido
Left Gauntlet: Eihwaz
Left Arm: Wunjo
Right Gauntlet: Ehwaz
Right Arm: Nauthiz
Chestplate: Sowelu
Left leg: Perth
Right Leg: Othila
Left boot: Dagaz
Right Boot: Berkana

Pic is courtesy of :iconowlizard: 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
Heavy rain pelted down upon his hood, the rumble of thunder echoing above him, a bright fork of lightning splitting the sky nearby. The storm was only getting worse as Caden trudged along the muddy pathway through the woods, skeletal trees arching over him and offering no shelter from the endless torrent. The fox demi grumbled slightly, ears flattened inside his hood and tail tucked into his jeans to keep it dry. He’d been certain this was a shortcut back to his house about thirty minutes ago but the evidence to the contrary had stacked up fast. Now it was night time and he was utterly lost. Through the clouds above, a brief glimpse of moonlight shone down upon him, a teasing reminder that it was late. He should’ve been home and in bed by now, not walking along this seemingly endless winding path.

He broke into a run out of utter desperation, anything to get back home faster. It was a bad move on his part as a winding root stuck his foot as he tripped and found himself falling face first into a pile of mud with a wet splat. He grunted in pain and spluttered somewhat as mud splashed over his face and covered his nose and eyes. He spat a few times as he levered himself to his knees and then up onto his feet. His coat and legs were now covered in mud. He sighed and tried to brush some of it off his clothes, only to dirty his hands. Realizing his efforts were fruitless, he pressed on into the woods. The path had to lead somewhere eventually, it simply had to.

Through the darkness and the harrowing rain, Caden finally saw an opening in the trees ahead and the path widened out to reveal a broader clearing. Mist was settling in along with the rain coming down. But as he drew closer to the way beyond, he saw a lake. It was vast and stretching out into the distance, its surface splattered with raindrops. It wasn’t exactly a welcome sight. But up above, the moon poked out from between the clouds again, he spied its light shining up something in the distance. The image was faded between the fog and the rain, but as he peered closely, Caden recognised it as a castle, a big one at that. It’s tall spires and gothic walls stretched up into the sky beyond. And the best part, Caden could see a light in one of the windows. It was inhabited. If he could only get over to it, perhaps he could take shelter there for the night. But how could he get to it? There was a large body of water in the way.

As Caden reached the edge of the lake, his gaze lowered to the water. There it was, cutting a line between the sides of the lake, a long muddy causeway led onward to the castle. Breathing a sigh of relief and readying himself for one last stint of walking, Caden made his way across the causeway and toward the castle beyond. Anywhere was better than the outside.

High above the ground, inside the stone walls of the lakeside castle, in a well-kept bathing chamber lit with candles and scented with roses, the lady of the castle bathed in the luxury of the warm water, safe from the rattling storm outside her windows. Her long emerald hair fanned out behind her in the water, her eyes closed as she relaxed blissfully in the water, the little rose petals flitting on the water’s surface whenever she moved. Nothing could be better on such a cold and dark night as this. She could want nothing else now as she laid there in her water.
Her eyes opened quickly as her window opened and clattered noisily for a moment in the wind. A single black bat flitted into the room and rested at the side of her bathrub. She turned her head toward it.

“What is it darling? What have you seen?” she queried as the small creature looked her in the eye. For a moment their crimson eyes glowed in unison as saw everything it had seen. She saw the figure of a small traveller, muddy and soaking in the night, trudging his way up the causeway toward her humble abode. Her lips widened into a smile. “My my, we have a guest approaching… and such a cute looking one at that. And so strange with those ears and that tail… fascinating…” she licked her lips in anticipation as a hand rose from the waters of her bath. “I must get ready for this little visitor… I think it will be, most enticing.” She slid out of the bath and began to dry herself off, rubbing her voluptuous body with her towel. Tonight had just become even more interesting and she was about to wring every last drop of fun from this sweet little visitor.

Caden arrived at the castle’s heavy wooden gate which began to roll up as he approached. He thought it a bit strange at first, but decided not to question it. He needed shelter and the castle was clearly inhabited, so perhaps the owner had seen him coming and was simply welcoming him inside. He trudged up the stairs, water dripping off of his coat and onto the stone steps. He emerged into a lush looking foyer, candles set next to a red carpet and leading to a tall staircase. A portrait of a woman in a deep purple dress draped over a sofa hung above the atrium. A balcony hung above the foyer itself on a higher level. The place was glorious as far as he was concerned. He took off his coat and hung it on a nearby coat rack and stepped further into the hall. His eyes scanned the place, searching for any signs of life. Surely this castle’s master would greet him, right?

“Hello? Excuse me? Is anyone around here?” Caden spoke as he looked around, eyes drawn to any slight sign of movement he saw. Atop the stairs, he caught a glimpse of a shadow moving in the candlelight. Caden decided to give chase as he rushed up the stairs and down the hall after it, not managing to catch up in time as it seemed to disappear into the castle. Still he followed on, calling out in the stone walkway and running up more stairs after the disappearing master of the castle. “Please, if you’re there then I want to say thanks!” he insisted as he went onward.
Eventually, he spied something off to the left of the long, carpeted hallway. It was a door that had been left slightly ajar. There was light streaming from within. Caden went over and peeked inside. Inside he saw a bathing room, a hot bath had been drawn with rose petals strewn over the water. Just being near the room, he could tell it was extremely warm inside. His body was still wet and cold, he couldn’t stop himself stepping inside and shivering a bit from the sudden rush of warmth. Had the castle’s master drawn this bath for him? That was especially considerate but… he wondered why they’d do such a thing from a stranger.

Once again he decided not to question it. Instead he slipped out of his wet and muddy clothes and got into the bath, groaning happily as he sunk into the water, right up to his chin. He was already feeling much better from the long walk and endless storm. He laid there for a long time, letting the water lull him into a sleepy daze, eyes half open and staring at the walls of the bathroom…
His eyes snapped open again and he sat up in the bath… he felt groggy. Had he fallen asleep in the bath? He brushed a rose petal off of his chin, stuck to it by the hot water. He shook his head a few times to wake himself up a bit. He rose from the tub and stepped onto the mat beside him. He spied a towel nearby and took it to dry himself, the towel soft on his skin. Everything just seemed to be getting better and better today. But stranger to him, as he gazed around the bathroom a little more, his clothes had been removed. He couldn’t find them anywhere. In their place, hanging nearby, was another set of clothes. They were far smarter than his prior set, consisting of a white shirt with a cravat, a royal blue jacket with golden epaulettes, white trousers and even a pair of boots. They looked exceedingly expensive, probably more so than a month of his café pay could afford. The castle’s master was amazingly generous to do all these things for him… he had to find him and thank him personally.

Once dressed in the princely garb, he stepped out of the bathroom and looked up the hallway. He strode down it, still looking for any sign of the castle’s owner, but none could be found. None, that is, until he found himself on the balcony overlooking the foyer. When he peered over it to look down into the hall where his coat had been left, he finally heard it. The footsteps of the castle’s sole resident, as his eyes darted to the other end of the balcony. Upon seeing the figure closely, Caden gulped slightly. He felt dumbstruck.

Approaching him was not a master of the castle, but a mistress. Her hair was a shade of dark green that reached her hips and beyond, a single definitive curl to the left of her fringe. Beneath that, her eyes were deepest crimson, staring deeply into Caden’s own. Her lips were adorned with lipstick, the same shade as her eyes and formed into a seductive smirk. Two pointed ears stuck out from either side of her fringe, two spiked earrings dangling below them. A golden choker with an unusual pattern encircled her neck and Caden’s eyes couldn’t help but wander further down. Her dress was a deep vermillion and it only began just below the top of her breasts, her cleavage exposed and sucking his eyes in perfectly. A small bat emblem was perched between them and her arms were covered only by two thin straps on either side, just to show off her slender shoulders and arms. The rest of her dress reached her knees and had a slit either side, her thighs and hips showing off slightly behind it. And below all of that, red high heels covered her feet, making light thuds as she approached him. He couldn’t look away from her dark beauty as she came close to him.

“Greetings, traveller. I am Camula, mistress of the castle.” The woman spoke to him, a hand on her chest and bowing her head slightly. “I trust you feel welcome in my home.” Caden nodded as he gazed upon her with hazy eyes.

“I, I am… you are very kind to do all this for me, miss Camula.” Caden replied, keeping his manners even as the mistress walked closer to him. She stood a full head higher than him, he felt a tad intimidated by both her size and beauty as she smiled down at him.

“I was happy to.” She assured him with a wave of her hand. “It’s not often I get visitors here… let alone such cute and handsome visitors.” She teased him with another lick of her lips. Caden’s ears were raised high and his tail swept across the ground behind him.

“You’re too kind, madam…” he said shyly, blushing a little bit as Camula rested a hand upon his shoulder. Her mere touch made his hair stand on end as it sent an almost electric shock down through his arm. He felt heavier just from her touch.

“I insist darling. Such a sweet boy…” she moved her other hand to his cheek and gently stroked upward through his hair, her fingers sliding through the silky brown locks. Caden’s head felt heavier from her touch, his spine tingling from her touch. The hand on his shoulder shifted to his back and circled around his neck as she slowly brought him closer toward her in something of a hug. Caden’s face slowly found itself being pressed into Camula’s breasts, sliding into her cleavage and settling in. He blushed hotly as he looked up at Camula, who simply grinned down at him seductively, licking her lips a few times as she kept a hand on the back of his head to stop him moving back.

Caden felt overwhelmed by heat as the blood rushed around his body. The touch of this woman was electric and she was holding him so closely. Along with that, her breasts felt soft on his face as he was kept securely in her cleavage, stroking his fox ears teasingly whilst her other hand stroked down his back. The fox demi felt so warm and comfortable in the arms of the lady of the castle, he was putty in her hands and at her whim and mercy. And he didn’t care. He simply longed for her touch and longed for her attention upon him, his tail wagging faster behind him.
“You’re such an adorable creature… so sweet, so cute, so small…” Camula teased with a warm smile, tilting the fox’s eyes upward to meet her own. “But…”

“But what?” Caden asked curiously, peeking over her chest. Camula chuckled lightly.

“But… I think you can be a little smaller.” She smiled slyly, sliding both her hands onto Caden’s shoulders and holding him there as the gold choker around her neck began to glow and the eye insignia lit up with a crimson pupil. Caden felt his body tingle as magical energy shot through him. As Camula’s grip tightened on him, he felt his feet suddenly lift off the ground and go up higher and higher. It took him a moment to realize what was going on as Camula’s breasts seemed to grow larger around his head. The reality was, he himself was shrinking. Slowly but surely he found himself at half Camula’s height and still getting smaller. He felt too groggy to even react as he got smaller and smaller, becoming more and more in the mistress’ grip as she grinned down at him. Eventually he stopped shrinking, once he rested neatly in Camula’s palm. He began to realize that something else was wrong with him, he couldn’t move his arms or his legs, he couldn’t even speak.

“There, that’s much better. Now you’re perfect.” Camula teased him again as she held him in front of her face. “A cute little doll, a toy for me.” She continued, bringing the fox demi close to her lips and pressing them onto his head and kissed him sweetly, her lips smothering his face and leaving a red imprint all over his head. It was now Caden found out what had happened to him. His body was made of cloth and his insides were stuffed with cotton. He still had his clothes on, in a much smaller state but the detail was perfect. He could see, but do little else. He was completely at her mercy.

“Now then… let’s go somewhere more fitting for our playtime.” The vampiress said with a smile, sliding her new small toy in-between her breasts and walking along. The slight jiggle with every step made her new doll slide deeper inside as Caden felt the soft supple orbs squished against him, pushing on his thin cloth skin and feeling warm around his body. Even while he couldn’t move, the fox demi couldn’t help but enjoy himself somewhat, if only he could move a little bit. All he could do was sit and watch.

The vampiress opened a door into a bedroom, a luxurious queen sized bed laid in the middle of the room, covered in a crimson red cover with heavy and fat pillows resting on it. Camula dipped a hand into her breasts and plucked Caden from out of them, tossing him onto the bed as he landed with a light thud. His soft body and the soft bed made sure he didn’t get even slightly hurt from the throw.

“Hmhm let us start by testing my darling’s resistance.” She cooed as she approached him, hips swinging from side to side. Even as her prisoner, Caden knew he couldn’t resist her and her voluptuous form. She turned around as she drew to the edge of the bed and then sat down upon the bed and Caden as a result. He was squished under her massively rounded rear, the weight of her entire body coming down on him and the softness of her butt smothering him entirely. He wanted to wiggle beneath her and try to escape her weight, but he couldn’t summon the movement to his body to do anything and was just left beneath her. His green haired mistress wiggled atop him, her rear squishing him more and more as she was clearly enjoying her teasing of him. She remained atop him for a good few minutes, wiggling her rear over him and rolling her hips slightly to push him further into the soft mattress. It was a perfect sandwich and he was stuck inside of it.
“Does it feel good, my little doll? Do you like it?” she asked him, knowing he couldn’t respond before she lifted off of him and cuddled him back into her chest, once again squished between the warm spheres of flesh. She strokes a finger over his head, looking down at him and scratching behind his ears and at the base of his tail. If he could, his tail would be wagging immensely. Camula moved him closer to her lips, licking them seductively, an idea clearly forming inside of those sweet crimson eyes she had.

“Well, I’ve had most of my fun now darling… now it’s time to settle you into your bed for the night. You’ll like it, I know it.” She smiled and pressed him up to her lips again, kissing him for a considerably longer time, her red lips covering his entire face… until he went further than her lips. His head began to slip between her lips as she held him by his middle, feeding him into her mouth slowly and longingly. His head brushed against her tongue as it curled and licked over his head and hair. With no way to resist, he just felt himself slide into her mouth, pressed between her teeth and going deeper and deeper into her maw. Camula closed her lips around his little feet and left him there for a few moments before she swallowed quickly, sending him sliding down into her throat. He became a heavy sized bulge in her throat, sliding downward past her collarbone and onward, beyond her breasts and eventually arriving in her stomach. Warmth and heat washed over him as he dropped into the moist and dark chamber, soaking in her stomach juices as he just laid there, face down in the prison the vampiress had sealed him inside of.

Outside, Camula stroked a single hand across her stomach, the small doll inside of her didn’t even make a bulge in her stomach. She could still feel his little presence weighing down inside of her, but she needed to feel a little more from him. So, she stroked a finger over her stomach as her golden choker glowed once again, the curse upon her little toy undoing itself. Inside her stomach she could feel him start to regain his size, changing from boy to toy. His limbs were no longer stitches, his eyes no longer beads and his mouth could open as he began to finally speak his mind again.

“M-Miss Camula! Please, release me!” he spoke as politely as he could, knowing her attitudes from what he’d seen of her. Outside, Camula simply laughed haughtily and he felt his prison shift from side to side as the vampire mistress laid out on the bed and propped herself up on the massive soft pillows.

“Now, my little toy, I’m going to give you a choice.” She began, stroking over the soft domed orb that was her full stomach. “Either you can move and struggle and I’ll digest you and absorb that sweet little soul of yours…” Caden felt chilled just at the prospect, shifting in her stomach a bit. “Or, if you’re a good toy and keep still inside me, I’ll let you out in the morning and you can bathe with me. How does that sound?” Now that was interesting, Caden thought. Comparing the two, obviously he didn’t want to be digested, even if it was by such a beautiful woman like her. She chuckled lightly, patting her belly a few times. “So, are you going to behave?” she asked again, stroking over her belly a few more times, nail grazing the surface ever so lightly.
“Y-yes Camula, I’ll behave…” he promised, blushing inside of her as he pictured her in the bath, as she laughed and her belly shook, jiggling her little prisoner about.

“That’s good… sleep tight my sweet little guest, you’ll keep me well fed and entertained for a long time.” She stretched out the vowels in her last two words, circling a finger across her navel and relaxing on her bed, slowly drifting into slumber with her warm meal inside her stomach, the welcome weight lulling her into a dream as the storm raged outside.

Caden settled inside of her, curling up and letting the gurgling and rumbling sounds of his prison, the moist fleshy walls squished against his body, rubbing all over his body and compacting him as small as he could possibly be, his hair and tail slick with stomach juices as the gentle beat of Camula’s heart and her steady breathing soothed him in a strange way. He just laid there and drifted into slumber, knowing he’d be a guest of both Camula and the dark castle she owned.
Love bites
Yes, this is massively self serving.
No, I don't care. 
I was just in the mood for writing something GT related with some micro and vore in there with my favourite vampiress. So enjoy.
Camula is from Yugioh GX
Caden be mine, yo
For the art, go check out the amazing :iconspace-seacow: 
SPDR2 Signup sheet: Kiyonari Mizu by CadenGallic
SPDR2 Signup sheet: Kiyonari Mizu
Kiyonari Mizu



|description of shsl|
Kiyonari started her notability in the classroom, staying behind to help out the cleaning staff and taking over cleaning duties for other particular students. She proved to be so thorough and rigorous that she formed a cleaning club specifically for helping out the staff. She gained extreme noteriety for her skills and was even able to charge for them, running a small cleaning business as a part time job alongside her schoolwork, visiting various other schools and buildings and giving them her personal touch. 


May 19th





A blue denim cap with a silver badge on it on her head.   Dark blue denim overalls, rolled up slightly around her shins. A yellow bandana encircles her neck, acting as a duster too. Front pocket has a pair of gloves in it and a white spray bottle, unlabelled. Under her overalls she wears a white dress shirt under it. White dress shoes. A black leather strap goes across her chest connecting to a sash on her back, which she carries her mop in. 
Now with picture!

Kiyonari was a quiet girl in school and thus she didn't make many friends. Thus, she has minor social skills and she often chooses to remain on her own and rarely ever speaks. This quiet loneliness became a certain hatred toward those around her and she began to develop more negatively. She made sarcastic comments, got snippy over particular things said in conversation and generally acted quietly malicious, or actively so if someone tried to speak to her.

Deep down, Kiyonari is lonely and untrusting, her experiences as a child being abandoned by people twisting her into a friendless and cold husk. Should anyone try to get close to her, she initially rejects them but if persistant, she may grow to tolerate them. If someone is a loner like her, she will draw to them much quicker. She will still most likely not trust them, but she may grow to respect them. 

Kiyonari also has something of a weakness complex. To herself, she is just a cleaner, nothing more and nothing less. Hired help, staff, unworthy to be spoken to or noticed. Thus she tends to single herself out on purpose. 



|faceclaim(if one)|

Kiyonari was the classroom assistant for the longest time, taking pride in her duties of cleaning the chalkboard and keeping everything tidy. She assumed it would show people a sense of duty and passion. While it impressed her tutors, it didn't impress her peers, who began to use her to do their literal dirty work, passing off tasks to her. Hoping to make friends, she never refused, hoping they'd treat her nicely if she did enough for them. As it happened more and more and her friends overlooked her, Kiyonari grew increasingly intolerant of them and became bitter. No matter what she did, she was known as the cleaner and sank into her role with no hope of escape, allowing her snarky personality to eclipse her. 

|motive that drives despair|
Generally despising those who do not notice her or overlook her. 

Dust Bunny Extermination
Kiyonari appears in a large clean apartment room, modern in design. Kiyonari is the size of a mouse and looks around unsure of what is going on. Then a giant sized Monokuma suddenly looms into view wearing a cleaners cap, wielding a giant black and white vacuum cleaner. As Kiyonari looks up in horror, Monokuma turns on the vacuum cleaner and chases her around the apartment as she just manages to remain ahead of it. 

Monokuma pulls out a spray bottle and sprays Kiyonari, causing her to slip up and get sucked up into the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. She tumbles inside of it, getting covered in dust and bruising herself in several places. The giant Monokuma then removes the bag from the vacuum cleaner and walks over to a large incinerator, opening it up and lighting it. He then empties the dustbag into it.

Kiyonari tumbles amidst the dust and dirt, crying out in horror as she falls into the flames and vanishes from sight, as Monokuma closes the incinerator as the cleaner has been cleaned in the most thorough way possible. 

Her mop, most likely with a blade attached to one end such as a knife. 

|killer or victim|

Traitor, if possible. Otherwise, Student. 
Varole got back by CadenGallic
Varole got back
Yes I know it's not clever, go away. 
Done by the delightful Coffeeshiezen of my favorite demoness being a damn sight naughty. 

Fucks sakes, 2015, will you stop sucking already? 
Yep, this was a bit of a spirit breaker. I only just found out about this today after hearing Monty was in hospital and... yeah, i'll admit, it got to me.

I might think Oum had little to no writing talent and RWBY was the internet equivalent of Final Fantasy 13 but death deserves respect regardless of my feelings toward his work. 

So, may he rest in peace.

And may the reaper of 2015 take no-one else special from us in the coming month. 
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Roaming around, that's what General Update does. Anyway, good news is i've been hard at work and I should be finally uploading the first page of Neon Requiem soon. I'm not sure whether to post it here or to make a comic site for it or not, still thinking about that.
Anyway, I've been feeling a bit lonesome lately. It's part of moving back into Uni and all but there's just little conversation. I keep talking to myself. I did it all the time before but, now even more so. I need friends dammit.
You never really know what you miss til it's gone, there's an original line for ya. 
For the record I only felt so bad today because I beat Mirror's edge. Stylish game but not great, honestly. And the ending just sucks. 
Like, REALLY sucks. Oh and I may try and open up some point commission slots if I really get back into the swing of artwork so keep an eye on that if you want some terrible artwork from me. Peace.
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Neveryou mind
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Sure, just send me a note for this stuff. 
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thanks for the fav
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No problem. 
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:iconthanks4fav: ^^
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Very fancy.
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Thanks for the watch! :3
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