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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: ideologically sensitive material)

“Ah, I see you have returned.” A member of parliament expressed his surprise, standing amidst the corridors of Arcturus. He was speaking with a Quarian. Said Quarian was dressed in yellow robes with black patches over the usual suit most Quarians could be seen in. She folded her arms, leaning slightly on her other side.

“Indeed. You seem surprised.” She quipped, to which the human politician looked somewhat awkward.

“Somewhat…” He admitted, to which the Quarian seemed somewhat irritated. “Rocio, it’s been difficult acquiring your usual pay… we’ve gotten few prisoner transfers recently.”

“Well, if you don’t have them, I could always snack on you.” She threatened flirtingly, causing the politician to back up and gulp in worry.

“No no… I’ll have some sent to your room… just keep a lid on the noise, last time we got several noise complaints thanks to it.” The Quarian grinned and patted her growling middle expectantly.

“I like to have a good time, sir. You can’t blame me for that.” And with that, she turned on her heels and left the young man befuddled as to his situation. Rocio Vas Neema’s last mission had been particularly stressful, a lot of engineering work on the Alliance base. Certainly didn’t help that they’d been attacked whilst she was working too. Not to mention that Reaper scare… it made her shudder just to think about it. But what mattered was the Neema had made it back fine. And now not only did she have some down time to herself, she could enjoy her reward.

A long time back when she joined the Alliance, she displayed her skills to them and impressed them greatly. She agreed to work under them, but only on one condition. A specific thing she lusted after often. Live meals. The only kind of food that could really stimulate and entertain her longer after having eaten it. It was a dirty little secret she kept well hidden from her comrades and most members of the Alliance. Only a few knew of it. And they were all people she could trust.

She arrived back in her room as the door slid open. It wasn’t much, one bed, kitchen, bathroom, few chairs, nothing massively fancy. What mattered was the figures she found lying in the middle of the room, fresh from the cells on the lower levels. All three were bound and gagged, dressed in nothing but boxers. They were all fairly young and rather handsome looking, for Earthern males anyway. Once she had entered, the three of them turned their gaze toward her. They looked confused at first… and as the Quarian moved closer, her stomach let out a rather loud and telling growl, her fingers tracing a circle over it, grinning down over her three witless captives. They had no idea what was to come. But she knew and she would enjoy it to its fullest.

She sat on the edge of the bed, looking towards the first of her three prisoners. She beckoned them with a curl of the finger. The prisoner stood and moved closer to her. She pointed down and the prisoner kneeled before her. She slid her hands up his arms and to his cheeks, bringing his head closer to hers, looking at him somewhat longingly. The prisoner seemed to get an idea as he began to smile, the two came closer and closer, drawn into the other’s embrace until nose could bump screen.

In a sudden flash of motion, Rocio slipped off her mask and opened wide, shoving the jailbird right into the awaiting lips of the hungry Quarian. She wasted no time in taking the first step, a big hefty gulp to draw her quarry into her throat, slurping at his chin a bit as he started to descend into her innards. Now realizing what was going on, he began to cry out in surprise and start to struggle, pushing on the Quarian’s body to try and force himself back out of her.

Another gulp ceased any chance of that as the shoulders and upper chest went into her cheeks, pinning his arms hard to his sides, both by his shoulders locking into her cheeks and her arms wrapping around her prey, keeping him in a tight hold akin to a serpent. She swallowed again, slinking his chest and stomach into her lips, relishing the taste of his bare body with her tongue, already feeling her outfit stretch and her body widen to encompass such a large portion of food. It was such a wonderful feeling, her stomach churning in anticipation of her meal which drew ever closer with each sordid swallow. His hips went next, the bulge in her neck thickening as her head tilted back and her gulping became quicker, slurping up the morsel’s legs akin to thick, kicking noodles, so easy to go down and so wonderful to feel their movements inside her throat.

With one final long slurp, she tucked her meal’s feet away into her lips and sent them down to join the rest of him. Her hands slid over her body as she felt the bulges sliding down her throat and collecting inside her stomach. Her hands held her belly tight as she felt a rush from inside her… something moving up her throat with tenacity.

“UUUURRRRRRPPPP!” she belched loudly, shaking the room and her belly slightly, letting out a sigh of relief as she sat on the bed, the weight of her stomach really hitting her. She glanced over to her two other morsels whom had seen had eat their fellow, now afraid and backing away. She giggled and wagged her finger at them.

“Now now, you two aren’t going anywhere. I’ve still got more room!” she insisted, standing up and approaching, snatching up one of them by the shoulder as he simply gulped and shook his head at her. She toyed with him, slipping her mask off and letting off a little belch into his face as he turned away in disgust. “Don’t like it? There’s more to come where you’re going!”

With that, she pushed him head first into her maw, swallowing his head and sliding her hands around her prey’s arms once again. The rhythm was far faster this time, having gotten used to the feeling again with her first meal still squirming away inside of her, soon to receive his much needed company. She continued to swallow her second tasty morsel, relishing his flavour as she threw her head back, her hands gripping onto her stomach as she felt it begin to strain and swell once again, growing to accept a second sweet offering. It felt so good to feel her meals go down, so good to make her stomach grow, she only wished she had more.

Another belch shook the room as she finished off her second meal, laying back a bit and rubbing her tummy some more, the squirming inside only provided more pleasure to an already blissful situation. The only thing that would make it better now, was a third occupant.

Said third occupant was crawling on his stomach toward the door, moving surprisingly quick for his bound state. Rocio noticed and watched him move, licking her lips in anticipation. She’d let him reach the door and reach his arms up to press the button and open it, some small hope of escaping this Quarian’s torture. But it was not to be. Just as his hands reached the button, he felt himself suddenly jerk backwards on the ground.

Rocio was moving somewhat animalistic, hunkered down to the floor and laying on her belly, her lips clamped around the feet of the final prisoner. Her gulp had brought him back down to the floor. He looked behind him and cried out in fear, seeing his shins sinking into her lips and maw, his hands scrabbled frantically on the floor, trying to gain some purchase and escape her ever hungry throat.

His actions meant little as with another strong gulp, his knees bulged out the Quarian’s cheeks and his thighs soon followed. She took her time a little more on this one, savouring his sweet sorrow as he was sucked further and further into her hungry throat. She went beyond his hips and up his stomach, holding his shoulders to help push him in further, her burgeoning belly begging her to devour him faster, it wanted the rest of its food, it wanted to be as full as it could manage, groaning and gurgling gleefully.

After a few long laboured swallows, she finally took in the head of her last meal, with another audible gulp she sent him sliding ever downward into his new home. She clicked her mask back on when she was done, barely covering up another loud belch that erupted from her lips, once her meal finally settled into her stomach with a slight wobble.

Rocio groaned languorously, sitting on her bed and relaxing slightly, letting the feeling of her belly squirm and jiggle with her sweet prey inside. She revelled in the feeling of dominance over the poor little prisoners, she was their master now and they would be trapped within her until they were ready to digest. But that could wait, for now it was time to play with her food.

“How does it feel in there boys? Is it comfy for all of you?” She teased, stroking her fingers across the surface of her large, squirming belly. The thrashing only increased with those words as her prisoners seemed very uncomfortable indeed. She giggled, poking and prodding the most prominent bulges showing up in her skin. “Poor boys… you’re all mine now. You’re going to digest away into my body and never be seen again.” She continued to tease them, sparking another round of intense struggling and wriggling inside of her, only adding to her pleasure. She loved teasing her prey so much, they always reacted so hard to it. And that just meant more wonderful tingling feelings in her belly. She threw her head back and let out another belch from all the movement, giggling again.

From within, she suddenly felt the shifting change slightly. One of her prisoners was rising up slightly, pressing on the top end of her stomach. She held her stomach, intrigued by this new movement. She felt her throat suddenly bulge up again and something wriggle up through it, returning closer and closer to her mouth. Now she knew what was going on. One of her morsels was getting the idea to try and escape! She slipped her mask off, an idea in her head on how to deal with the little upstart.

She felt his hand slowly creep up into the back of her throat and push its way into her mouth. She let her lips part as the fingers managed to grab onto her lower lip and pull slightly. The bulge in her throat grew thicker as the prisoner’s body shifted further and further up. His arm extended further, his elbow soon wedging one of her cheeks open. The Quarian just sat back and watched for a little while, the feeling of her throat bulging again was still enjoyable.

But now it was time to end this attempt at escape. Slowly, she put her fingers on the hand of the escaping prisoner and slowly pushed his hand back into her mouth, sealing her lips shut. The bulge in her throat began to squirm again as it realized what was happening, but it was far too late to stop her. With another long gulp, the hand slid back into her throat, along with the rest of her escaping victim. She burped once again, shaking the room around her slightly as she clicked her mask back onto her face, turning her gaze back down toward her belly.

“Awww nice try. You got so far too. But no-one ever escapes my tummy, no matter how hard they try!” she grabbed her belly and shook it about, punishing her prisoner who had tried to escape, now trying to make their confines even harder for them, no doubt soaking all three of them afresh in stomach juices. Eventually she relented and relaxed again, sighing happily.

“Rocio? It’s me. May I come in?” a familiar voice suddenly sounded from the door. Rocio smiled, recognising her fellow Quarian.

“You may, Tali.” She replied as the machinist of the Normandy entered her chambers, spying her comrade with her full, burgeoning belly.

“I see you accepted your pay again. Was it good?” she sat on the bed beside her, offering a hand to help rub her stomach, which Rocio accepted.

“Of course it was. I can never ask for better unless they begged me to eat them.” She joked with a giggle, another burp interrupting her laughter and making her belly wobble.

“I’ve always been curious… but… how does it feel? To eat them… and to… keep them?” Talia’s hands explored her fellow Quarian’s middle, feeling the lumps and bumps of the people inside, so intrigued by their shape and movements. Rocio looked to Tali, belching lightly.

“It’s an amazing feeling. Feeling them squirm inside me, stretching my skin and my throat, their salty and meaty flavour on my tongue, all their little movements make me react… it feels tingly all over my belly and in my throat. It’s utter bliss, Tali.” She explained, relaxing some more and slouching on the bed whilst her friend continued her little stomach massage.

“I see… I’ve been curious… and thought of trying it sometime…” Tali admitted somewhat sheepishly, hiding her gaze from her friend. But Rocio simply acted gleefully to her words.

“Well, I’ve seen you looking at that human Commander Shepard a lot! Maybe next time you invite him to your room, just try it out with him!” She laughed and belched a second time as Tali retracted her hands and thought on it… she looked to the full Quarian beside her, looking over her squirming stomach and her satisfied posture.

“Yes… perhaps I shall try that…” beneath her mask, her tongue briefly circled her lips. 

A Quarian's Quarry
The second commission due for :iconbloatedquarian:

This one was a little trickier to write considering I know little about Mess Affect, but I think I got it down decently enough.

It was a blast writing these commissions, must do more sometime.

Rocio Vas Neema belongs to :iconbloatedquarian:
Tali belongs to Mass Effect
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)

The sun was setting on the horizon. The day was slowly drawing to a close and work was gradually drawing to a close on the landscape of a flourishing Chinese city. Said city was situated in the mountains, set in a small set of flat land with the earthen peaks rising over to the north east. It was toward these peaks that a small collection of figures marched along the landscape. Walking in a line, ten prisoners in shabby rags, their arms held in chains and their gazes tilted to their feet. On either side of the line, soldiers marched, armed with spears and wearing light armour, led by a captain at the head of the group. They were marching the prisoners off toward a cave in the mountains, blocked off with a mighty iron door keeping the hole sealed off. To keep something out… or to keep something in.

As the captain approached the gate, he looked to the guards standing beside the only entrance, a small door set in the gate. The captain opened the door up, pointing inwards and looking at the line of prisoners. The first looked hesitant to move, until a sharp jab from the hilt of the spear hit him in the back. Eventually he began trudging in as the captain barked more orders, one by one they went into the cavern. Once they were all inside, the captain closed the door behind them and sealed it tight. Their work was done for the day… but hers, hers was just beginning.

The cavern was lit by a few small torches, providing patches of light in the otherwise all-consuming darkness. The roof was fairly high up, four times as high as any of their group which numbered six men and four women in total. They began to take tentative steps into the cave, which just seemed to stretch on forever into the underbelly of the mountains. Their steps echoed around them, their chains rattling with every step and movement. Their eyes scanned the patchy darkness, looking for any signs of movement or something in this cavern besides the rocks and stalagmites.

Amidst the darkness, they finally spotted it… two eyes. Two large, glowing, orange eyes, watching from the back of the cavern, ominously. The prisoners remained huddled in a group as they looked at the eyes, coming closer and closer, still shrouded in darkness. Suddenly, a scaly, clawed hand swung out from the darkness, snatching a prisoner and dragging them off into the dark, accompanied by their cries of panic and struggle. The other prisoners didn’t see what happened next, but the sounds they heard told them the story. The licking of lips, the yawning of an open mouth, the screaming muffled, followed by a wet, audible gulp and finally the happy sounds of the creature in the pitch black shroud. And just to punctuate it, a loud rippling belch that shook the cavern for a few brief moments and sent rocks a tumbling.

As the prisoners backed up in fear, the being in the darkness emerged. First came her claws, orange tipped on dark red scale laden hands, followed by two slender arms, blackened points at her elbows. Then came her head, a sharp muzzle of black and red, a grin of gleaming sharp teeth, a muzzle emitting slight traces of smoke, two curling horns, all attached to a long slender neck. Further attached to the body, black underbelly running from its chin to its tail, two powerful legs with further claws, and a long tail that curled idly behind it. The prisoners felt a collective air of intense danger as the large dragon stood before them.

“Ah… I do love a good evening meal. Especially when they’re active.” The dragon to them with a sharp grin, licking her lips as the prisoners could make out squirming in her somewhat swollen stomach, hanging behind her plump bosom. The fate of their fellow prisoner was horribly clear to them. The dragon surveyed her quarry, hungry eyes scanning the shivering bodies before her. “Well, what’re you all standing there for? It’s not a fun meal unless you’re running!” he cackled slightly.

Her prey didn’t stop to think twice and split up, rushing off to different portions of the cave. The dragoness smirked and felt her stomach growl eagerly. Now, the hunt was on!

She began to prowl across the cave, following a trail of three prisoners that were running back toward the gate. She chuckled as she watched them run, the male prisoner lagging behind had her attention. Once she was close enough, she snaked her hand around him and snatched him up. “Too slow, little man.” She teased, throwing her head back and opening her jaws wide, dangling her morsel over her awaiting maw. The prisoner screamed in terror, looking down into that toothy maw, dangling and clinging to the dragon’s fingers. Finally, she let go and he went tumbling down, landing right in the predator’s maw. Her jaws snapped shut and she probed her meal with her tongue for a little while, letting him shift around in her mouth before finally putting him out of his misery and swallowing. She moaned to herself as she felt the bulge slide down her neck and join the other in her belly. Now, her attention returned to the other two prisoners. She had a lot more food to get through.

The other two, a man and a woman, had made it to the gate and were currently banging on it and shouting out to the guards outside. As the scaly beast approached, she couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. No way would they ever open up the gate, not until she was done feasting upon them. The poor things were so distracted, they didn’t even notice her claws ensnare them and bring them up. The dragoness looked between them slowly.

“Now now… no leaving yet. The real fun’s going on inside!” she teased, giving the both of her squirming captives a good look into her maw before she tossed them both in at the same time. Another round of tongue teasing, this time more fun with the two helpless prisoners inside that toothy cage that would become their permanent home. Another swallow, another sigh of happiness as her belly swelled outward to contain the plentiful morsels. Even now, the dragoness felt blissful in how her belly was filling out. But that could wait. She’d counted ten coming into her domain, she still had six to gobble up.

Whilst she continued to search for the fleeing prisoners, Dargin thought back on her good fortune for getting this little offering in the first place. It’d been a good few full moons ago, that much she could remember. She’d been out on the prowl, looking for some wild animals to eat for her long overdue dinner, her poor belly had been soooo hungry that day. That was when she’d come across the city, smoke rising from the buildings and cries of distress heralding a big problem. She’d decided to investigate for curiosity’s sake and come across a hoard of bloodthirsty bandits, come to pillage and murder. Being the good sort, Dargin decided to assist the city and found herself snapping up the hapless bandits like the little walking food pellets they were. Once they were all safely contained, she’d been approached by the city’s leader. They’d chatted for a while and the dragoness had managed to strike a deal with the guy. In return for protecting their city, she’d be kept fed regularly with whatever scum the city decided to feed her. Be it prisoners, enemy townspeople, roaming bandits, the usual sort. It kept her happy and well fed, a life of food and support was all a dragon could ask for.

Back to her hunting, Dargin sauntered around her cavern, sniffing out the delicious meals that hid from her. She loved this part, the tension of the hunt, the suspense lingering in the air, the puffing and panting of panicked humans as they hid from her… she could hear it now, from behind a stalagmite. She could see her quivering shadow. Dargin snickered slightly and sank low, keeping quiet for a few moments… and then…

Her head sprung around the corner, roaring so loud it shook the cavern. The blonde convict screamed in surprise, falling onto her back and making her easy prey as Dargin snapped her up. She swilled her around a little while before sending her on her way, down to join the other squirming inmates of her belly jail. She licked her lips and mused to herself “They’re so much fun when I scare them like that! The look on their faces… a picture.”

With five left to find, she slunk around some more, peering behind every nook and cranny of her rocky home. She could hear them… a scamper behind her, a pair of prisoners on the move, two men trying to survive together. Perfect targets. The dragoness slammed her tail upon the ground, knocking the two over as she turned to face them, feeling her belly sway slightly as she turned. The poor guys were still scrabbling to her feet once she’d turned, one quicker than the other. She snatched up the slower of the two first with a yelp of surprise and followed the other, running through the cavern. No matter how fast they were, they never could stay ahead of her for long. She laid her head down behind him and kept her mouth open as she followed him, each time he looked back he only saw his eventual destination and could hear the noises of her belly and his fellow prisoners. Finally, he’d run far enough and Dargin easily captured and swallowed him. Once he was gone, she reared up on her hind legs and pressed the squirming prisoner to her belly, holding him there and letting him feel the movements inside.

“How does it feel, little man? Do you like how much they squirm inside me?” she teased him with a sly grin, watching his look perturbed as he pressed against her filling stomach. Once she was convinced she’d teased him enough, she slid him up her body, between her breasts, up her neck and then down into her mouth, letting him relive that brief little venture in reverse. She belched slightly after that one, a small lick of flame escaping her nostrils, making her giggle and cover her mouth. “Excuse me!”

Her belly still yearned for more. Dargin continued prowling, making her way closer to the cavern wall. She spied a flash of movement… two flashes even, shifting between the shadows. She had to give them credit, these morsels were pretty sneaky. But sneaky only got you so far around a hungry dragon. She watched their movements and prepared a moment to strike. And when she did, she made sure it was startling. When one prisoner ran by, Dargin brought her jaws down on her and swallowed her up in a flash, belching right into the face of the other female prisoner, sending her tumbling into another stone. She grinned as she got down low and moved closer to the quivering morsel, letting her tongue loll out of her mouth and slurp lengthily over her small form, tasting her. And how she tasted, perfectly seasoned with salty fear and warm meaty texture, just perfect for a dragon. She lazily lapped up the prisoner, slurping her into her jaws and sending her down that slick fleshy tunnel into her stomach. Now, only one remained.

The last prisoner, a younger man, had hidden in the back of the cave, keeping to the shadows and behind a large rock. He peeked out and wished he hadn’t. He could see the dragon moving around, its swollen belly full of those he’d been chained to, squirming and wriggling with its new inmates. He could see their handprints and their faces press up against the thick stomach wall they were trapped inside of. He was terrified that he too would meet such a cruel fate as the fat dragon continued to search for him, peering behind rubble and breathing puffs of fire into the shadows. He held himself slightly as he hoped she’d lose interest… then, he made his perfect mistake. Turning to look again, his foot knocked a stray pebble into the wall, clacking loudly. The dragoness’ head snapped around to the noise and she grinned in expectation.

“So, there you are…” she taunted knowingly, approaching the rock and licking her lips. The last prisoner made a dash for it, using all his strength in one final sprint to get away from the huge hungry beast. Then he spotted it, a small crevice in the cavern wall! Small, but just big enough for him to fit into and the dragon would be unable to reach him! He sprinted for it, pushing himself to escape and be free from the crimson lizard. But it was all too short. His strength, and that the dragon’s tail that suddenly slunk in front of him, wrapping him up in It like a serpent around its hapless prey. The tail dragged him back, away from freedom, away from hope, back to the clutches of the gluttonous monster. The tail raised him up and he dangled in front Dargin’s mouth. This was her last morsel for a while. She wanted to have some fun with him.

“You’re all that’s left, sweetie. And there’s little left of you.” Her tongue slid out of her mouth and slurped across his face, down his body, up his legs and over his back, she tasted every single inch of him, getting every ounce of flavour she possibly could. The rough texture of her tongue made him squirm in her grip, but there was no escape for him. She swayed him around a bit, looking him over. “You morsels… I never get tired of you. How good you taste, how much you squirm and cry out for help… it’s such fun I could do it forever.” She claimed. But alas, forever would not last and she dropped the last prisoner into her maw. This time though, she let her tongue move him around, keeping her jaws open so he could see the light of her cave. The prisoner scrambled, trying to latch onto her teeth to pull himself out of that trap her jaws were, but her teeth were too slick and too sharp to be effectively used by flailing mortal hands. Finally, her fun was done and her jaws snapped shut. A long audible gulp followed as the final bulge trailed down her neck and into her belly. She sighed slightly before opening wide and letting out another mighty belch, a huge flower of flame blossoming from her snout. She grinned happily. Her meal was done.

Dargin sighed happily as she rested against a wall of her cavern, sitting on her back and feeling the weight of her belly slosh around. Her ten prisoners were finally settling in and were preparing for digestion. She belched lightly as her claws rubbed across her tummy, a grand sense of satisfaction rolling through her system. They were still squirming just enough to keep her happy and sloshing around inside her fat belly. She moaned a bit, grabbing her stomach and jiggling it to send those inside sloshing and bouncing around, much to her delight. Another loud belch escaped her lips along with another plume of flame. Her tongue rounded over her lips in memory of her various meals’ flavour. Her belly gurgled and glorped loudly, another long belch escaping her lips and shaking the cavern. The full dragon sighed happily, continuing to stroke her engorged belly as she could feel it getting to work on her now motionless quarry. Now she’d lie in wait, eagerly anticipating the next offering made to her by the good folk of the city. She wondered…

“I hope they bring more next time.” She snickered, drifting into a blissful slumber of indulgence and predatory satisfaction. 

A Dragon's Offerings
My first written commission! 
This is fantastic for me, so glad to actually be commissioned by someone. 
This piece was commissioned by :iconbloatedquarian: and is about a dragon.
There's also vore in it. 
I am good at descriptions.
Dargin belongs to :iconmookierific: 
I'd like to honor :iconthehungrysuccubus: for blocking me for DARING to say I dislike ponies.
Clearly I was in the wrong for daring to share such an opinion.
Blocking me was a valid consequence of free speech.
Remember kids, don't have opinions on anything unless it's 100% positive, just keep it to yourself and the world will be a nicer, happier, friendlier, crappier place. 
Goodnight Ameriland. 
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Hero of (dinner) time by CadenGallic
Hero of (dinner) time
I am just the BEST with titles, have you noticed? I noticed. 
Yep so I decided to move on from Cloud to Link, isn't my range just amazing?
Shut up im not a sucker for blondes. 
So I think my knack for this is showing pretty well, prolly want to do more now I guess whatever. 
I'd like to honor :iconthehungrysuccubus: for blocking me for DARING to say I dislike ponies.
Clearly I was in the wrong for daring to share such an opinion.
Blocking me was a valid consequence of free speech.
Remember kids, don't have opinions on anything unless it's 100% positive, just keep it to yourself and the world will be a nicer, happier, friendlier, crappier place. 
Goodnight Ameriland. 
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This is just a test RPG i've been working on to learn the program and for fun. I'd appreciate some feedback on it if you guys want to give it a try.
RTP version…
Non RTP version…

If you already have RPG maker VX Ace then download the non RTP version. Otherwise, download the RTP version. 

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Neveryou mind
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